Learn Supabase by building a Multi-Tenant platform

A book that's here to stay, getting you from zero to expert with Supabase. written by David Lorenz, aka @activenode

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Understand Supabase, really!
Understanding how Supabase works, under the hood, makes you an expert in using the right tools alongside and a potential contributor.
Create a multi-domain platform
One source code, multiple clients with each having their custom domain? That's multi-tenancy! What does it take to go from single-tenancy to domain-based multi-tenancy, and what to consider security-wise? You'll learn it all.
Understanding how authentication actually works and how it's passed to the database is just one bit. Learning to control the authentication including OAuth logins for tenants and completely customizing the auth flow is another.
Assimilate RLS
RLS is wonderful but comes with pitfalls. Design your database for RLS, use the database auth functions and embark on when and how Custom Claims tailored to multi-tenancy can be used.
Manage your assets
Uploading files, managing access and serving them as assets.
As part of the book project, you'll see how you embark realtime features to get realtime updates for your users such as comments that have just been added and you'll see how they integrate with Auth.
Optimize to the fullest
Caching values with triggers, using Webhooks or scheduled jobs for notifications, cleanup tasks or collecting data.
Adding Superpowers and more
From searching meaningful content with AI, executing tasks with Edge Functions, reading from Stripe with Foreign Data Wrappers, and more...